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Augenmusik, Mittelalter



The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a breathtaking mosaic of the Red Planet, stitched together from images taken by the agency’s Mars Express spacecraft. The mosaic is phenomenally detailed, showing a complex range of landscapes – the resolution in the center of the image is roughly 1 km per pixel.

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Bären in Alaska beim Fischfang (Livestream)

#Natur, live

It’s that time of year when the brown bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska are hungry for a fresh fish feast. And you can watch them capture spawning salmon straight out of Brooks Falls on this webcam.

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Christian Vogel spielt „Two Pieces for Clarinet and Video“

Johannes Kreidler
Two Pieces for Clarinet and Video (2016)
Christian Vogel / Ensemble Mosaik, Clarinet
ZeitGenuss Karlsruhe 2019

simply nice

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Lyrik heute

Stanley da Vinci

Science Fiction Filme holen uns ein