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Man meint es hören zu können.

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echt jetzt

Quartertone Accordion in Just Intonation Music

Tutorial/Beispiele von Caspar Johannes Walter


Soundtrack Box No. 1 was made to produce music for a feature film.

It provided me with just as many limitations and possibilities, as I needed in order to be fully comfortable in the creative process. This video briefly demonstrates some of its capabilities. The soundtrack itself has of course more musical value.

I often have to convince my friends that the box has its own reverb and no additional effects are used. There’s just an extension spring inside the box and a little contact microphone attached to it.

Now I’ve decided to make a new box for every film I’m asked to compose for in the future! Soundtrack boxes are fun!

Naturschönheit: Fotos vom Mars

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Schnee auf den Pyramiden von Gizeh

Hat was von Christo.

Schneefall in Ägypten! Zum ersten mal seit 112 Jahren.

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Cybersonic Cantilevers von Gordon Mumma

Ein tolles Stück vernachlässigter Musikgeschichte (1973).

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Zwei identische Fotos nebeneinander

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Peel Heels