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„The piece is called >for three different-colored instruments & clothes<. It is obviously conceptual music."

„We are sick of this angel music nonsense. Can we please play conceptual music instead?“

„OMG this is all so untrue. A truly musical practice would be a conceptual one.“

„This is exactly what I suspected, where conceptual music will lead to!“

„My son, conceptual music is certainly not the path to God.“

„I am old and weak. Just let me play conceptual music in the days remaining to me.“

„Guys, I’ve just discovered a music called ‚conceptual‘! It is absolutely amazing!“

„Lord, what would you like to hear? Conceptual music? Of course.“

Mein Buch „Loadbang. Programming Electronic Music in Pure Data“ jetzt als pdf online

Da mittlerweile auch die zweite Auflage meines Buchs „Loadbang. Programming Electronic Music in Pure Data“ vergriffen ist, haben der Verleger und ich entschieden, das Buch als pdf frei online zu stellen.
Wer noch Interesse an einem Print-Exemplar hat, soll sich an mich wenden, ich habe noch ein paar auf Lager.

Das kinematographische Total

György Pálfi hat einen Film aus praktisch der gesamten Kino-Ikonographie montiert.

In this experimental feature-length film that played at Cannes in 2012, director György Pálfi constructed a love story using clips from 450 films that span nearly the entire history of cinema. I was afraid this would be gimmicky, but it’s so well constructed and so smoothly adheres to the tropes of romantic movies that I got totally sucked in.

(via kottke)