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The Kreidler Conspiracy

Das Opera Lab Berlin ist da einer großen Sache auf der Spur.

With “The Kreidler Conspiracy,” Opera Lab Berlin presents the first music theater live Advent calendar! From December 1st to December 24th, the collective for contemporary music theater will deal with conspiracy theories and mechanisms involving the wonderful compositions of Johannes Kreidler in a performative, witty and musically highly virtuoso manner. Every day members of the ensemble will reveal a new conspiracy with and around Johannes Kreidler. Opera Lab Berlin’s new shop window “Das Labor” in Schöneberg invites you to stop by and discover something new every day. Christmas 2021 will be the festival of truth: Become part of our community of those who know!

01 – 24 December 2021
17:00, 17:30, 18:00 & 18:30

Das Labor
Monumentenstraße 5
10829 Berlin

DIRECTORS & DRAMATURGY: Anna Weber, Georg Bochow, Günter Lemke, Gina May Walter, Nolundi Tschudi, Sophie Catherin and Evan Gardner / STAGE & COSTUME DESIGN: Günter Lemke / LIGHT DESIGN: Santiago Dolijan / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Julie Kurzke / LIVE VIDEO: Marta Maluva / ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Evan Gardner / MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA: Will Roseliep and Louise Knauer / TEXT DESIGN: Sophie Pischel / TRAILER: Samuel Chalela Puccini / LIVE ELECTRONICS: Simon Walker / TECHNICAL ADVISOR: Felix von Dohlen

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