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Coffee Time

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Facebook has some new “like” buttons in the works


(aus den Weiten von Tumblr)

Desillusionierung des Tages

(aus den Weiten von Tumblr)

Strafzettel für Bassisten

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Ich, wenn ich auf eure Facebook-Links klicke

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Introducing the amazing >Compact Disc<

In 1983, when the first compact disc players arrived on the Australian market, they ranged in price from $900-$1800. (This made them a very significant purchase, given that the Australian Bureau of Statistics says average weekly earnings were around $350/week at the time). The price didn’t hold back the rapid adoption of the technology.

But even then, as Sonia put it in her closing remarks, there was an even better technology on the horizon.

“The Compact Disc may well rule the roost – at least until someone perfects a method of putting Beethoven’s 9th on a silicon chip. Don’t laugh, I’m assured that that day, in fact, is not too far off…..”

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How to sing, 1902

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unboxing biblical synthesizer

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Die Alben unserer Lieblinge (9)