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Mengendiagramm, das Mengendiagramme erläutert

Auf der Metaebene brennt noch Licht.

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Plagiatsskandale der Klassischen Musik #2

Weitere Enthüllungen von Jakob Raab. Ein skandalöses Netzwerk kommt zum Vorschein.

Früher auf Kulturtechno:
Plagiatsskandale der Klassischen Musik

Ursache für die meisten Probleme in der griechischen Mythologie

Endgültig geklärt

Evolutionary biology solves long-standing philosophical debate.

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Das wahre Bezahlsystem des Internets

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The Women Composer Database

Philosophie, Berliner Schule

Fotografiert in Neukölln

Language influences music harmony perception

Ein Longread für die Feiertage, Thema das mir zentral ist: Die Wahrnehmungsbeziehungen von Musik und Sprache, oder anders gesagt: von Klang und Konzept.

Many studies have revealed shared music–language processing resources by finding an influence of music harmony manipulations on concurrent language processing. However, the nature of the shared resources has remained ambiguous. They have been argued to be syntax specific and thus due to shared syntactic integration resources. An alternative view regards them as related to general attention and, thus, not specific to syntax. The present experiments evaluated these accounts by investigating the influence of language on music. Participants were asked to provide closure judgements on harmonic sequences in order to assess the appropriateness of sequence endings. At the same time participants read syntactic garden-path sentences. Closure judgements revealed a change in harmonic processing as the result of reading a syntactically challenging word. We found no influence of an arithmetic control manipulation (experiment 1) or semantic garden-path sentences (experiment 2). Our results provide behavioural evidence for a specific influence of linguistic syntax processing on musical harmony judgements. A closer look reveals that the shared resources appear to be needed to hold a harmonic key online in some form of syntactic working memory or unification workspace related to the integration of chords and words. Overall, our results support the syntax specificity of shared music–language processing resources.

Instrumente für Behinderte

Hatte hier mal die Flöte für einarmige Kriegsinvaliden -
Hier gibt es eine Website über Instrumente speziell für physisch Behinderte:

Playable Instruments

Abby Flute – In 2013, Clarence J ‘Woody’ Wood built a right-hand only flute and stand. Information on how to build this instrument is publically available to download via

Amorea Flute – A simple wooden instrument based on the Native American flute but played entirely with one-hand. The Amorea Flute is available to buy directly from

Borzillire Saxophone – This left handed saxophone was created by Brian Russell for a stroke sufferer. Brian is based in Wisconsin, US and has much experience customising woodwind instruments.