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„Coronifications“ of my students

In the course «Theory and Aesthetics of Electronic Music» in spring semester 2020, in the lession «Sonification» the students were given the task to sonify data from the Corona Crisis.

Sonification means to be a sounding of data by an individual, but precise method (different for example from an expressive composition). Even if the sonic form of the representation follows a more scientific approach, sonification is situated in the intermediate field between acoustic illustration and aesthetic interpretation. Each example of sonification reflects at the same time its position between these poles.

In spring 2020, the Corona Crisis dominated people’s lives worldwide. The everyday presence of figures and diagrams on this situation and the real influence of the crisis on teaching (only online) led to the question of how this experience could be brought into sound by audio design and composition students. This online presentation gives an insight into the works that have been created.

In the descriptions of the tracks it is explained which data was used and how it was sonified. (In the case of the video by Anna Sowa it is shown at the beginning). The task also connects to the question discussed in the previous semester, to what extent it is morally ok to aestheticize data of a crisis, as in this case a natural disaster. For this, however, each listener should now make his or her own judgement.
Johannes Kreidler

Link: scroll down, it’s at the right

(See there also the very exciting seminar collection from Michel Roth’s course „Distand Musicking“.)