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Archiv der Artikel die mit #Kreidlerconspiracy getagged sind.

The Kreidler Conspiracy

Das Opera Lab hat vom 1.-24. Dezember einen Adventskalender performt. Jeden Tag ein Musiktheater-Piece an ihrem Schaufenster in Berlin-Schöneberg, inspiriert aus Material des Kreidler-Werkfundus, jeden Tag eine andere Verschwörungstheorie. Es ist alles anders als ihr denkt, wacht auf!

Als quasi zeitlich umgekehrten Adventskalender poste ich hier nun nach Weihnachten Ausschnitte davon.
Note: Am ersten Tag habe ich auch mitgespielt, das alles ist aber das alleinige Werk von Opera Lab.

The Kreidler Conspiracy Christmas Advent Calendar
Supported by Initiativ Neue Musik Berlin

Performers: Anna Weber, Georg Bochow, Günter Wolf-Lemke, Gina May Walter, Nolundi Tschudi, Sophie Cathrin and David Eggert
Directors and Dramaturgy: Anna Weber, Georg Bochow, Günter Wolf-Lemke, Gina May Walter, Nolundi Tschudi, Sophie Cathrin and Evan Gardner

Stage & Costume Design: Günter Wolf-Lemke
Production Management: Julie Kurzke
Light Design: Santiago Dolijan
Live Video: Marta Maluva
Sound Engineering: Simon Walker
Social Media: Louise Knauer, Will Roseliep
Artistic Director: Evan Gardner

01 -24 Dec 2021 17:00, 17:30, 18:00 & 1830

Opera Lab Berlin presents the Kreidler Conspiracy – the world’s first live music theatre advent calendar! At long last The Lab at Monumentenstraße 5 is letting the public have a sneak peak and unveils its Popup Store for Truth. From December 1st right through 24th the collective for contemporary music theatre will perform a shrewd and musically virtuoso showdown of conspiracy theories using compositions by the concept music artist Johannes Kreidler.

Every day a new formation of performers from the ensemble will expose a new conspiracy with and around Kreidler’s music. How does rope jumping explain the secret intrigues behind 9/11? What’s the connection between shoes falling on guitars and the Illuminati? And did you know, that Prince Charles is a vampire – and that opera lab holds him prison? Come to the fireplace, where Opera Lab Berlin will retell the 21st century’s most popular tales. Untruths, which manipulate our Zeitgeist’s narratives from the depth of the web of social media, proclaiming the new salvation or catastrophe. Or becoming reality.

Witness how festively the velvet curtain will swing open daily at 5 pm and open a new door to an alternative truth. Walkers-by can then partake in the inner workings of the laboratory by gazing through the shop window wearing disinfected bluetooth headphones. Short performances as well as social distancing and obligatory medical masks will ensure a safe art degustation in fresh air. Come and enjoy links and connections, where there are none; tasty concept music Christmas recipes; Elvis and Big Foot; glitter and chocolate.

Forget love, Christmas 2021 will become a feast of truth!