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Mein Text „Style melody“ erschienen

Im Wolke-Verlag ist nun erschienen:
New Music and Aesthetics in the 21st Century, Vol. 8
Musical Material Today
herausgegeben von Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Frank Cox und Wolfram Schurig

Darin ist auch mein Text „Style Melody“ (Die Stilmelodie) abgedruckt (übersetzt ins Englische von Wieland Hoban).


In Stil 1 In Stil I for variable instrumentation we hear a succession of up to 100 different styles; for example, Stil 1 Version für piccolo flute, vibraphone, baritone saxophone and audio playback begins with this measure,

which is then repeated quietly 30 times and very loudly 55 times, each time in a different style arrangement:

Recalling Schönberg’s Klangfarbenmelodie, then, I call this Stilmelodie. The notion of melody, following Schönberg, is abstractly understood; it refers to a change of musical qualities in a defined medium—originally the medium of the scale, and now the medium of the stylistic palette of Band in a Box. The actual melody, on the other hand, remains practically static throughout the various repetitions.


In this piece, the musicians begin every measure with an accent — like the mouse click that starts the next sound file.