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Das Begleit-Video zu meiner Ausstellung in der Akademie der Künste Berlin letzten September. Hat keinen Ton.

Johannes Kreidler
Exhibition at Akademie der Künste Berlin 2022
Video of the screening (silent)

vvvwvw… is an acoustic and visual synthesizer that opens up and expands the richness of sound waves, their formal possibilities as well as their symbolism: the wave in the image as a function taken from time, which can be arranged autonomously here; the acoustic periodicity articulated in the beating, the room resonance, the standing sine, which places the sounding natural form in space and is „played“ by the moving listener.
Since Corona, we have been practised in reading wave progressions, following their course and discussing their prognosis. In the work of art, they become the drama of hearing and seeing par excellence.