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Every Scarlatti Sonata, ranked

Jeffrey Brown hat es getan.

Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757) wrote a lot of Sonatas. [559] Fair enough: what else was there to do all day before Twitter was invented? Listening to all these pieces in 2020 proved another challenge. I’ll make no claim to have heard each work in monkish concentration, and I make no guarantees for the correctness of my observations. But, at least partially thanks to the social wasteland caused by the coronavirus, I really did hear the entirety of every single one. Now you don’t have to.

For my sanity, I’ve ranked the works by category, instead of giving each Sonata a unique number. For your sanity, I haven’t described every piece—instead, I’ve only included my notes which either added to the description from the category or which I otherwise found interesting or funny. I’ve also included some miscellaneous pieces on this list, bringing the total from the standard 555 to 559. I mostly listened to the Scott Ross harpsichord recordings, though sometimes I also heard them on piano. (Sue me.)

(via Arno auf FB)