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Corona-Sonification (2)

Hatte unlängst schon den Track, der aus der Gen-Sequenz des Virus gemacht wurde, hier nun eine Sonifikation der Ausbreitung – freilich nicht mehr auf dem neuesten Stand.

My goal with this video is to depict the spread of COVID-19 more viscerally. With sound, it’s easier to discern what a number like 3,000+ deaths actually means. It’s not just a four-digit number—it’s 3,000 families affected, 3,000 stories ended too soon, 3,000 universes vanished.

EDIT: The percentage listed underneath the red death count for each of the top five countries represents what percentage of the worlds active cases come specifically from that country. Sorry I didn’t make that clear… it was last minute addition I added just hours ago. :(

und das making of: