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Mayke Nas‘ Eröffnungsrede der Gaudeamus Music Week

Vielleicht ist wieder eine Zeit besonderer Reden (in der Neuen Musik). Brigitta Muntendorf hat vor drei Jahren in München die Stimme erhoben, George Lewis hat in Donaueschingen (im neuen Format der >Donaueschingen Lectures<) einen eindrücklichen Vortrag gehalten, Mayke Nas sprach zur Eröffnung der Gaudeamus Music Week dieses Jahr, der Text steht online:


But receiving applause is actually one of the most awkward things for the majority of composers. […]
To learn?
To listen?
To think?
To invent?
To try to catch fleeting dreams?
To challenge thoughts and opinions?
To question likes and dislikes?
To practice patience?
To look for beauty?
To look for meaning?
To dig deep into things that genuinly interest us?
To face fears?
To have fun?
To build new instruments?
To find new usage for old instruments?
To take ourselves seriously?
To take others seriously?
To further develop a craft that has already been enchanting people for a few hundred years?
To figure out what comes after post-modernism, post-minimalism, post-eclecticism, festivalism, hipsterism, neo-barbarism or neo-conventialism?
To change the world?
To let the world change us?