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Sampled Instruments from Pre-Columbian America

Schön, dass derlei gesichert und verbreitet wird.

The Metaphor of Sound, a recent exhibition, at the Museo del Oro in San José, Costa Rica invited visitors to ask these questions – and many others – as they took a tour of more than 60 musical instruments dating from 500 BC to 1550 AD. Flutes, bell clusters, whistles, maracas, ocarinas (a type of wind instrument), and rattles from the North and South Pacific as well as the Central Caribbean region of Costa Rica were among the objects on display.

Music was of great social and cultural importance in pre-Columbian societies, particularly for the collective as whole. And so it was only fitting that, after having been brought into the Metaphor of Sound project through colleagues, Charly Fariseo – a musician, producer and Ableton Live trainer based in San José – decided to take the archeological idea of preservation and interpretation one step further.

Fariseo asked himself, why keep these instruments in ‘silence’ when we have the ability to extract their sounds, share them with the world and explore them with today’s music technology? With this in mind, Fariseo dove into the task of making multi-sample recordings of some of the exhibit’s instruments and then building them into playable Ableton Instrument Racks.

(via Ableton)