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Klavier mit Gewehr spielen

Colonel Gaston Bordeverry hat’s getan, 1904.

Special bullets are used, it may be mentioned, and here again the colonel brought his genius into play. They had to be noiseless when they struck the box, and the report of the rifle and the smoke from the discharge of it had to be done away with. So Colonel Bordeverry prepared a special powderless bullet in which a secret chemical compound takes the place of the powder. With what force the projectile strikes the interior of the box may be gathered from the fact that it ploughs its way easily through a one inch-thick plank.

One of our photographs shows Miss Bordeverry seated at the piano playing, her father being behind ready to take up the tune the moment she ceases. This is done to demonstrate the remarkable fact that it can be used even as an ordinary piano and that it is a piano in every sense of the word.