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Auf dem Webradio webSYN gabes letztes Jahr ein Programm von Dean Rosenthal, der Mathemusik kuratierte. An dieser Stelle kann nur die Playlist in schriftlicher Form wiedergegeben werden, aber das mal als Grundlage für Recherchen -

1 The 78 two-note chords 0:21 The Chord Catalogue, performed by Samuel Vriezen – composed by Tom Johnson (combinations)

2 Spectral Canon For Conlon Nancarrow 3:28 PostMinimalism and Totalism Sampler – composed by James Tenney (relative mathematical rhythmic canon on the harmonic series)

3 Ideals 4:44 performed by Stratocluster live in Ostrava 2015, by Samuel Vriezen (ring theory, algebraic structures)

4 Quaerendo Invenietis (Canon Contrarium Stricte Reversum) 0:52 Bach (JS): Musical Offering, BWV 1079 w/Neville Mariner and St. Martins-in-the-Field, J.S. Bach (mirror canon, reflective symmetry)

5 Mode de valeurs et d’intensités 4:39 Evryali / Herma / Quatre Études de Rhythme , by Olivier Messiaen (total mathematical serialism)
6. Path 2:12, performed by Katerina Kuscevic, by Dean Rosenthal (permutations, graph theory)

7 My Travels in Euler Space 5:53 by David Victor Feldman (Eulerian grids, musical geometry)

8 Logical Harmonies 2, 3:39, from Logical Harmonies by Richard Glover (logical chord progressions)

9 Canon In π 10:46 Luiz Henrique Yudo (use of Pi)

10 Permutations on Laudate Dominum 9:00 Brian Parks (permutations)

11 The 1287 five-note chords 3:48 The Chord Catalogue & Within Fourths, performed by Samuel Vriezen, by Tom Johnson (combinations)

12 Duplets Mvt I 1:30, performed by Sharon Kim, by Dean Rosenthal (rhythmic tiling)

13 Rational Melodies – No. XV 1:35 by Ensemble Klang from Cows, Chords & Combinations – by Tom Johnson (self-similarity)

14 Tergiversate 15:54, performed by Jake Rosenzweig, Laura Steenberge, Scott Worthington – basses, by Michael Winter – (graph theory, de Bruijn Sequence)

15 Menuet al rovescio, Piano Sonata No. 41 in A major, 3:37, by Franz Joseph Haydn (temporal reflective symmetry)

16 Within Fifths – IV 7:44 from Within Fourths / Within Fifths, performed and composed by Samuel Vriezen (block designs)

17 Diliges Dominum 2:48 by William Byrd (temporal reflective symmetry)

18 C31* Orbits 14:04 Samuel Vriezen (composer), Ere Lievonen (31-tone organ) – (microtonal scales, mutliplicative composing)

19 Study on Archytas’ Enharmonic 2:02 The Harry Partch Collection 2 (Volume 1) Harry Partch (alternate mathematical tunings)

20 Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement 1:40 by Guillaume de Machaut (temporal symmetry)

21 Study No. 1: Octaves, Systematically Filled and Folded 5:46 Eight Studies for Automatic Piano by Seth Horvitz (systems)

22 Duplets Mvt V, 1:46 performed by Sharon Kim, by Dean Rosenthal (rhythmic tiling)

23 Rational Melodies # XII 1:19 by Tom Johnson (systems)

24 Analogiques A & B, 7:32 by Iannis Xenakis (Markov Chains)

25 The 1-3-5-7 Hexany Chord Catalog (The 35 three-note chords possible in one octave) 5:03, Dave Seidel (hexany tunings, combinations)

26 Study for Player Piano – VIII. 4:28 Studies for Player Piano, by Conlon Nancarrow (tempo canons, rhythmic systems)

27 Andante Con Moto 0:53 Opus 60 Hanne Darboven (adaptive visual systems)

28 Rational Melodies – XI 1:30 by Tom Johnson (systems)

29 Deest « Musikalisches Wurfelspiel”, Musical Dice Game In C Minor, K. 516f, 6:21 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (chance)

30 Duplets Mvt IV 1:14, performed by Sharon Kim, by Dean Rosenthal (rhythmic tiling)

31 The 286 ten-note chords 1:31 The Chord Catalogue, performed by Samuel Vriezen, by Tom Johnson (combinations)

32 Allegro barbaro 2:40 by Bela Bartok (Fibonacci series)

33 Signals Intelligence 8:40 by Christopher Adler (self-similarity, rhythmic canons)

34.Kirkman’s Ladies – 14:17 by Tom Johnson (block designs)