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Kreidler zu TTIP, Umfrage des Goethe-Instituts

Das Goethe-Institut hat verschiedene Künstler zu ihrer Meinung über das geplante Transatlantische Handelsabkommen TTIP befragt, u.a. mich. Ich denke, alle wissen Bescheid, und es dürfte sich auch herumgesprochen haben, dass die Sache reichlich bedenklich ist. Unzählige Initiativen schlagen Alarm; so auch das Goethe-Institut. Danke.

The ratification of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the anticipated consequences for the cultural sector cause headlines and controversies in Europe, especially among artists. In the United States, however, TTIP is hardly talked about. We asked German and US musicians and composers about their thoughts.

The German musicians and composers are concerned that the quantitative focus on market share, sales figures and financial value might outweigh quality and diversity if culture is treated as a commercial good within TTIP. This could lead to more power and business for big companies and production firms and threaten the current opportunities, market access and conditions. The United States are a big music market and the country of origin of a comprehensive musical repertoire that is in high demand internationally.