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Mikrobenstimulation funktioniert mit Mozart am besten (am allerbesten mit der Zauberflöte)

or all the chatter about how Mozart makes your kids smarter (false!) or how it helps with the SATs (possibly), the one thing that Mozart definitely seems to do is make sludge-eating microbes digest faster. A sewage treatment plant in Treuenbrietzen, Germany, has experimented with different operas, playing them at high volume through loudspeakers set up around the site. „The Magic Flute“ seems to work best. Anton Stucki, the plant’s chief operator, believes the reverberations quicken the pace for breaking down refuse. „We think the secret is in the vibrations of the music, which penetrate everything—including the water, the sewage, and the cells,“ he says. „It creates a certain resonance that stimulates the microbes and help them work better.“ Stucki doesn’t even like opera; he’s a rock ’n‘ roll fan. But he tolerates Mozart because it makes the microbes more efficient, saving the plant up to $1,250 a month.

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Mozart – ein Pionier der Land Art (oder so).

(via Neatorama)

ps.: Nun gut, dafür steigert Popmusik die Effizienz von Solarzellen (besser als Klassische Musik).