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Dröhnung. Der Soundkragen

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Rare musical instruments

Ein toller Facebook-Account mit wirklich erstaunlichen Musikinstrumenten, größtenteils als Videos -

Früher auf Kultutechno: Website über seltsame Musikinstrumente


Lucas Abela, Temple of din, Palais de Tokyo #dodisturb 4-2015

The Temple of Din is an audio arcade consisting of a series of pinball/musical instrument hybrids that make sound generation, not scoring the games main objective. Works like; Pinball Pianola ( a Frankenstein experiment combining an upright piano and a pinball game with twenty flippers triggered by a keyboard that shoots balls against the soundboard’s exposed strings, Balls for Cthulhu ( a pentagram shaped multiplayer game formed by ten guitars with their fret boards facing inward, so the strings take the full brunt of balls jostled by players stationed at each of the stars five tips, Flip-Off ( a pin/foosball hybrid that creates automated break core music by triggering Toecutter samples and Pitchfork ( which has twenty tuning forks incorporated throughout the playfield you can aim for.

Built for musical play by Australian sound artist Lucas Abela these machines form the Temple of Din, a place that can only be attributed to the cacophonous Miami Beach video arcade of his youth. Where the reverberating screams of multiple amusement machines housed closely together in a small concrete room became etched into his psyche and must have influenced his adult life as part of the international free-noise underground.

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Spieltechniken des Cellos und der Blockflöte

Die Musik der Zukunft wird direkt ins Gehirn eingespeist / Musik für Taube

The music concert of the future could very well be silent. Dead silent. Just like live music was replaced by vinyl record players and vinyl record players were replaced by walkmans and walkmans were replaced by iPods, iPods and other music-playing devices could be replaced by low-cost EEG brainwave-reading headsets. No more wires; no more earphones; more play buttons. Just thoughts—and scans of those thoughts, meandering about your brain. [...] Such futurist speculation rests on developing brainwave technology and the devices and microchips that will use it.

Siehe auch: I Am a Deaf Artist Redefining “Sound”

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Das vermeintlich Unhörbare und Unsichtbare von Kompressionsalgorithmen hör-/sichtbar gemacht

Ryan Maguire, Doktorand für Komposition und Computerwissenschaften am Virginia Center for Computer Music der University of Virginia, kehrt den Mp3- und Mp4-Algorithmus um, d.h. alles ausgefilterte wird hörbar. Anhand von Suzanne Vegas „Toms Diner”.
Ich hab schon 2008 die Idee von “3pm” insinuiert (in dem Interview unten), und Hannes Seidl hat die Technik zur Idee eines Orchesterstücks gemacht.

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Eine Website mit freien und kostenpflichtigen Notensatz-Schriftarten

Und hier hat jemand ein gregorianisches Stück komponiert und in Noten gesetzt. Ich möchte auch mal gerne so ein (konzeptuelles) Stück komponieren und von einer Schola gesungen kriegen. #Neid

Der lauteste Lautsprecher der Welt

Also eigentlich der “Lautestsprecher”.

At an output of 30,000 Watts and 165dB, this speaker can be physically dangerous – consider this:

at 135 dB you experience a slight cooling sensation from the air
at 140 dB your throat and vocal chords start to vibrate
at 142 dB your chest starts to pound intensely
at 148 dB the vibration because uncomfortable and even painful
at 150 dB you experience the overwhelming sensation of being compressed as if underwater
at 155 dB the compression and expansion from vibration is felt to the core
at 158 dB the vibration is violent, and nausea becomes intense
at 190 dB eardrums rupture 50% of the time
at 198 dB human death from sound (shock wave) alone

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Gitarre als Puppenhaus

Nachtrag zur begehbaren 909. Von Lorraine Robinson.

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