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Kategorie Museum für moderne Kunst

Corona-Sonifikation (11)

von Anton Wassiljew

Use the graphical representation of the genome of Sars-CoV-2 as a graphic score and create a time-based art work according to it. The numbers in the upper part of the picture (1, 1K, 2K, …, 29903) must be relatively intertpreted as time.
The duration of the art work will not be constricted and is open to preference.
Each colored element is a time-based object, it must be distiguishable from other objects.
Download the score here:

Musizierende Tiere (in der Gegenwart)

Hatte unlängst schon was davon hier, jetzt noch mehr Transkriptionen von Alexander Liebermann. Das kann nur Neue Musik.

(via Sebastian auf FB)

Das arme Land Tirol

aus aktuellem Anlass-

Als Zwölftonmusik bei Tom & Jerry Verwendung fand

We are the Sacre

Schallwelle als Nähmaschinennaht

A tangible way to make audio visible. Equalizers and simple sub-titles on TV already visualise sound, yet this has also a physical texture. Using an old sewing machine and a car radio as a basis, they conceptualised a prototype, which would take sound input and convert it into a sound wave of thread on textile. A fitting analogy between music production and sweatshop manufacturing.

(via TWMW)

Die numerierte Bürgschaft

Bilder mit jedem der 16,777,216 RGB Farbwerte ein mal

heimlich fotografierte Textbotschaften

Fotograf Jeff Marmelstein hat jahrelang heimlich Leute beim Texten in der Öffentlichkeit fotografiert- also ihre Inhalte. Spannendes, auch medienethisch provozierendes Projekt.
(Könnte aber auch inszeniert sein.)

You can tell a lot about people from their text messages. Just ask Jeff Mermelstein, a master of modern-day street photography who, for the past three years, has been surreptitiously snapping pictures of New Yorkers’ phone screens on his own iPhone.

(via artnet)

Matthias Kranebitter – Encyclopedia of pitch and deviation