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Heranrückender Tornado



Natürliche Schnelligkeit

Das höchstauflösende Foto der Sonne

The high-resolution telescope of EUI takes pictures of such high spatial resolution that, at that close distance, a mosaic of 25 individual images is needed to cover the entire Sun. Taken one after the other, the full image was captured over a period of more than four hours because each tile takes about 10 minutes, including the time for the spacecraft to point from one segment to the next.

In total, the final image contains more than 83 million pixels in a 9148 x 9112 pixel grid. For comparison, this image has a resolution that is ten times better than what a 4K TV screen can display.

(via kottke)

Sonnenfinsternis auf dem Mars


Ente unter Flamingos

Wen Hunde verfolgen


Lektion der Natur

Es gibt in der Natur nicht nur Survival of the Fittest, sondern auch Altruismus.

Elefant bedankt sich fürs Warten

Hai schluckt Kamera