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Alle Länder, die in der polnischen Nationalhymne erwähnt werden


The YouTuber named the Speed Bard performs musical covers with an unconventional instrument: the speed bag. Although most commonly used to train boxers in a gym, the Speed Bard proves that anything can be a musical instrument if you hit it hard enough.

In his video, he performs the 1999 hit „All Star“ by Smash Mouth. Browse his channel for other songs, including „Feel Good Inc“ by Gorillaz, „In the End“ by Linkin Park,“Gangnam Style“ by PSY, and „Uptown Funk“ by Bruno Mars. After you feel pumped from watching, try knocking out your own rhythms on a heavy bag.

(via Neatorama)


Was da wohl für eine Psychologie dahintersteckt.

Niedergang auf dem Buchrücken



Zu mathisch


Paradoxien der Unendlichkeit

Infinity gets much weirder though. As you travel with your spaceship in a straight line, you find new galaxies, stars and planets, new wonders, new weird stuff, probably new aliens and new lifeforms stranger than you could ever imagine. But after a long time, you might find the most special thing in the universe: Yourself. An exact copy of you watching this video right now.

How can that be? Well, everything in existence is made of a finite amount of different particles. And a finite number of different particles can only be combined in a finite number of ways. That number may be so large that it feels like infinity to our brains — but it is not really. If you have finite options to build things, but infinite space that is full of things in all directions forever, then it makes sense that by pure chance, there will likely be repetition.

Passepartout 3D