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Arnold Schoenberg sings I will survive

so geht das jetzt immer weiter

Instrument aus Türstopper-Federn

Adorno sings Boom Boom Boom Boom


Fremdarbeit – eine andere Version

Der Absturz des Ölpreises, musikalisiert

For renowned director and activist Milo Rau I`ve created a musicalisation of the oil price plunge last year, following the concept of my 2009 financial crisis piece „Charts Music“ – as a jingle for his „school of resistance“, currently shown at Akademie der Künste Berlin.


Die erste Audioaufnahme vom Mars

This set of sounds from the surface of Mars were recorded by the microphone on the side of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on February 20, 2021. In the first set, sounds from the rover itself dominate. In the second set, the sound was filtered to make sounds from Mars more audible. You can hear a little wind in the second set.
This is the first time a Mars rover has been equipped with a microphone. The images in this video were taken by Perseverance’s Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, on the same day as the microphone sounds, Feb. 20, 2021.

a propos:

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Akkordeonkonzert für Walrösser

Daft Punks Samplekompositionstechnik

Als denn, macht’s gut!