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Kategorie Natur

Tatort Eule

Split Screen Wetter

illuminierter Jupiter



Drachen gibt es und heißen auch offiziell so. Heimisch in Südostasien / Indien.

Delfin im Sog

Vorgelscharm, Abendrot, Vollmond, Regenbogen


Sonnenfinsternis in 8k

Photographed with a custom solar telescope from southern Utah.


Nachtrag zu Halloween-

This video is about the fascinating and fantastic anatomy of spiders by means of a vivid 3D animation of a black widow. It is about the external structure with cephalothorax / prosoma and abdomen, chelicerae, pedipals and about the organs of the spider, such as the book lungs, the tubular heart or the spinning glands and the sucking stomach.

Das lauteste Katzenschnurren der Welt (54.6 dB)

Bella . . . achieved a purr measuring 54.6 decibels, equivalent to the volume of a boiling kettle.

Her feat was captured by an official adjudicator and an acoustic engineer who blocked out all external noise.

Nicole Spink, Bella’s owner, said she „couldn’t be more thrilled“.

(via kfm)