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Augenmusik – aus alter Zeit (3)



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Christopher Walken dancing in over 50 movies

ein #Lieblingssschauspieler
(Was Leute alles so zusammentragen)

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Sonification of Wikipedia’s „Sonification“ article

Nice, von einem YouTube-Kanal namens „NonCochlearPosting“ – wenn ich auch sagen würde, cool war das eben so ~2013.

The sonification of the above image is produced by importing it as 4 different types of .bmp files into Audacity as raw data, and playing the resulting tracks simultaneously.

Das Mädchen mit dem Wellenohrring

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75 beginnings to Le Sacre du Printemps

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Interactive Gregorian Chant generator

Signal processing engineer Stéphane Pigeon created this captivating Gregorian chant generator. It enables you to simply „conduct,“ mix, and process the sacred a cappella songs heard in the monasteries of the Roman Catholic Church since the 9th century.

Samt Roboter-Mönchsingern. Möge Gott die Gebete erhören.

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Der Hölle Rache

Von Arno Lücker

Richtige Einführung in Minimalismus

Japanischer Architektur-Experimentalfilm aus den 1980ern

Aus einem Interview mit Schöpfer Matsumoto:

We have to do more to irritate and disturb modes of perception, thinking, or feeling that have become automatized in this way. I did several kinds of experiments from the 1970s to the 1980s that de-automatized the visual field. But when image technology progresses such that you can make any kind of image, people become visually used to that. That’s why there’s not much left today with a fresh impact. In this way, the problem is that the interpretive structure of narrating, giving meaning to, or interpreting the world has become so thoroughly systematized that one cannot conceive of anything else that is largely untouched. We have to de-systematize that.

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