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Neuronales Netz

Das Farbige vom Ei


Der Westen


Satellitenbilder von Vulkanausbruch in Island

The renewed volcanic eruption near Grindavik, on the Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland, in a cloudless Copernicus Sentinel 2A satellite image from mid-8 February.

(via Kottke)

Mach dir dein eigenes Katzen-Purren

Kann nie schaden. Die URL heißt natürlich „Purrli“ :D

You can customize a never-ending cat purr on Purrli. If you’re away from your cats, or severely allergic to cats but wish to hear their cute sounds, you can use Purrli to customize a purr that will play out loud to your heart’s content. This experience was way more comforting than I expected.

I’m definitely going to take a nap while listening later.

You can adjust the distance, engery, steadiness, sleepiness, and other purr qualities by sliding the various bars. There’s even a feature that throws in a little meow every now and then (and my cats keep looking around everytime it plays).

(via BoingBoing)

Ein Morgen am Saturn