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Partison Notes – neue Zeitschrift für Neue Musik

Monika Voithofer, Christoph Haffter und Jim Igor Kallenberg haben eine neue Zeitschrift für Neue Musik gegründet! Toll!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the online journal

Partisan Notes is an international online journal devoted to the critical investigation of contemporary music. Our goal is to publish essays that scrutinize the challenges and potentials of today’s musical production, its theoretical underpinnings, its position within society and its power to articulate meaning in material forms.

There are currently six articles online: In Philosophy of Music from Aesthetic Reason, Gunnar Hindrichs presents a fundamental consideration of what it means to understand music philosophically. He proposes a conception of philosophy of music that is bound to the aesthetic judgment and the contemporary situation of musical production. In an after-thought to the festival Musikinstallationen Nürnberg, Christoph Haffter exposes Three paradoxes of contemporary music that are inherent to the very idea of a musical installation: the paradox of static sound, the paradox of creating situations and the paradox of a musical performance art. These artistic intentions are intelligible non-sense, yet they might nevertheless give rise to convincing artworks. In When fate crows and nobody can hear it, Jim Igor Kallenberg investigates the musical mixed martial art by Georg Nussbaumer. He reads Nussbaumer’s tongue-in-cheek interventions as the material manifestations of history as a problem: history appears in form of a bulky object that is an obstacle to itself. The legacy of political music draws on a conversation between Jim Igor Kallenberg and Frederic Rzewski. In retrospection on his own work, the composer ruthlessly analyses the shortcomings and contradictions of his attempts to fuse musical production and political action. On the occasion of the death of Mary Bauermeister Jim Igor Kallenberg published (yesterday and coincidentally with the International Women’s Day) a short mourning note: Mary Melting Bauermeister: on the condition of possibility of fluxious art.

Besides the publication of essays, the project regularly organizes the Partisan Critique workshops in music criticism. These workshops take place during festivals that are dedicated to contemporary and experimental music. Their aim is to form and connect those who engage in the critical understanding of music as a contemporary form of art. By this we try to cultivate a free discourse on music as a critical expression of our time independent from the institutions of the market and the state. After the meetings at the Darmstadt Summer Courses, Wien Modern 2022 and Cresc… Biennale Frankfurt 2023, there are workshops at Tzlil Meudcan in Tel Aviv and the Darmstadt Summer Courses up-coming this year. The announcement for participation in the next workshop in Tel Aviv is open.

As a result and documentation of the workshops we also offer the participants to contribute their reflections to keep up our continuous debates and publish the discussions. Nora Sprenger, Linda Schachinger and Laurenz Entekhabi reflected on our workshop in Vienna, more reflections are in preparation.

Partisan Notes is edited and organized by Monika Voithofer, Jim Igor Kallenberg and Christoph Haffter, with the help of Tim Rutherford-Johnson and Andreas Mourão dos Santos.

If you have suggestions for contributions, for meetings and events, do not hesitate to contact us:

Have a good read!