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A brief history of philosophy on social media

(via Nerdcore)

Best of FB-Kommentare:

3.1: Everybody unfollows Aristotle
3.2: Following Plato becomes a trend

Barthes joins Snapchat as Althusser deletes account.

Diogenes just trolls Plato constantly

1. Jesus gets blocked for fake news.
2. Nietzsche deactivates all accounts.
3. Marx gets 1M likes on his posts (nobody actually reads his posts) .

Kierkegaard tweets under multiple accounts

Islamic philosophers didn’t get friend invites

Sextus Empiricus wasn’t sure he could remember his password so didn’t bother ever trying to sign in.

Berkeley begs anyone to friend-and-follow him in order to ensure his existence.

Sartre gets ghosted

Heidegger tags Husserl.

Focault only posts on Reddit.

Deleuze and Guattari start Tumbler

Foucault sends dick pics

Sartre gets followed by fake accounts

Ein Kommentar

  1. Stirner has a Facebook account, but posted only once.
    Luhmann sues Zuckerberg for copyright infringements.
    Schlick gets death threats by SMS.
    Freud is addicted to Chaturbate.